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Past Events

Coronary Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) is characterized as the complete blockage of a coronary artery. It is one of the complex coronary lesions and many studies have been carried out to develop newer and more reliable treatment techniques.

The CTO Club was formed in 2005 with frequent activities and events organised. Medical practitioners and experts in the field of cardiology are brought together to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, techniques and problems regarding CTO cases.

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The ANZ CCT meeting was first held in 2015 with the support of leading CTO master Dr. Etsuo Tsuchikane. It is an interactive meeting featuring complex and CTO PCI live case demonstrations, state-of-the-art lectures and case presentations.

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The Regional Australian Interventional, Structural and Endovascular (RAISE) Meeting is an interactive forum held to support and discuss the development of interventional cardiology services in regional Australia.

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The NZ CCT meeting incorporates complex and CTO PCI workshops with live cases, lectures and case presentations.

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Bio-Excel actively participates in several scientific meetings and educational seminars across Australia and New Zealand.

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